ONLINE, 10-21 july 2023

The programme of the Coptic Summer School is designed to provide qualified students, scholars and people passionate about ancient religious history with a well-founded understanding of Coptic language (mainly the Sahidic variety) through an introduction to Coptic grammar and a careful reading of some selected literary sources.

 Relevant Information

The 2-week Summer School session will begin on Monday July 10, 2023 and conclude on Friday July 21, 2023.

The course is fully online and will be conducted through the Zoom platform for all classes, seminars, and tutoring sessions. Additionally, students will have access to a web platform until August 31, 2022, which contains a range of learning materials and recordings of all lectures. This online access provides students with a convenient way to review course content and catch up on any missed classes. 

A final certificate will be issued to students. The certificate grants 6 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) and recognizes 150 hours of didactic activity. 

For further information please read the 2023 Coptic Summer School Guidelines (pdf).

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The Coptic Summer School is promoted by the Waldensian Faculty of Theology of Rome, the oldest institute in Italy for university studies in evangelical theology (since 1855).


A Coptic Studies Working Group is active at the Waldensian Faculty since 2019, aimed at spreading the knowledge of Coptic language and the study of Coptic literary sources.